In the gardens of the Palazzo Comunale there are two sculptures by Cella. The first consists of two figures of Carl Marx superimposed vertically in a beautiful bright red. A simple operation of doubling and dislocating forms makes us discover the existence of other "Marx Brothers", in addition to those we already knew as comedians, that is, a couple of political philosophers. It is the work that demands, from those who observe it, the title which, in turn, automatically brings into play an exchange of identities and roles. It is legitimate to think about how the stories of certain characters can intertwine and how true intelligence can be found in acute jokes as in philosophical reflection.

The second, Red Totem, about two meters high, seems to be made by the same heads of Primeval Chaos which in this case have found their own order by arranging one above the other vertically. All have an almost non-existent facial expression but an astonished look exercised with one, two or three eyes. The structure refers to that of certain ceremonial poles or living uprights of the oceanic tribal culture, with a strong evocative power and often depicting ancestors just as are the strange entities that make up the "primeval" crowd.

Around them, stuck in a bush or stuck in the ground, are the Aeroplanoni by Bonomi, version for adults, in folded and welded forex sheets, scraps that schoolchildren made with pages torn from notebooks. They are signs of an interval that we can take from everyday life and that tell us about a game, a kind of semi-serious experimentation of aerodynamics and personal manual skills, which has remained so even if this time it was started to surprise and take us back in time. The physical lightness of these aircraft is equal to the comic lightness of a joke, but both capable of hitting the target with a mockery or with their irony.

The Aeroplanoni meet "here and there" in the town of Cannobio, as if they were indications, rather than a place, of the spirit with which to visit the widespread exhibition. The different Cultures, again by Bonomi, are also a bit of a constant presence. Some flower vases interact with the Primeval chaos of Cella in the internal courtyard of via Umberto I, while on the Lungolago via Ceroni a large flower of about three meters high, whose petals are made from watering cans, offers itself to the blue of the lake Maggiore reaching up like a "bean of spain" on which to climb to reach who knows what destination.

Fabrizio Parachini