The game of things that become art, curated by Fabrizio Parachini

Widespread exhibition in the city of Cannobio (VB) Lake Maggiore 18th June – 24th September 2022

Inauguration June 18th 5 pm Court of Palazzo Mandamentale

The City of Cannobio is pleased to announce the double solo show: Corrado Bonomi, Gianni Cella. Plastic Reflections. The game of things that become art.

The widespread exhibition "Plastic Reflections" is not a simple exhibition but a real dialogue between some emblematic places in the town of Cannobio and the three-dimensional works of Corrado Bonomi and Gianni Cella. The two international artists, with a long and rich exhibition curriculum, are interpreters of a post-conceptualism and an ironic conceptualism that uses figurativeness and an immediate reading narrative to convey deep and substantial reflections both on the current human condition and on the art that is its expression.

The synthetic title is configured as a guide to interpret the different levels of reading that the exhibition suggests in harmony with the personal poetics and with the interventions implemented in the space. We talk about "Reflections" because the work of the two artists always stems from reflections on specific themes of the "human condition" but also because the creation of a "widespread exhibition" requires a reflection on the chosen place, on its urban, cultural and social fabric . "Plastics" because the reflections on the themes cannot be separated from those on the materials used and the forms created (plastic = "art that concerns modeling", but also synthetic polymer) and because a certain "plasticity" is necessary to be able to interact with an entire inhabited area above all using materials that can be defined, at first glance, as “atypical” or unusual. Corrado Bonomi mainly uses plastic objects that he dissects, assembles and reinterprets to create works whose titles highlight a sort of conceptual linguistic relationship between the perceived form, what this could / would like to be and what really constitutes it. Gianni Cella uses fiberglass with anti-natural colors as a material to be molded ductively to create imaginary anthropo-biomorphic forms, with simplified and fixed physiognomic features, capable of giving life to a world parallel to the real one, of which, however, it absorbs the mental experiences and cultural and affective suggestions.

The expressive languages of the two artists intertwine with each other, in the various site-specific installations, highlighting the convergences and differences of the personal poetics but also demonstrating a unity of purpose that wanted to transform some known places with a foregone appearance into new surprising realities. full of stimuli and imaginative visions.

The exhibition is accompanied by a multimedia support and a paper catalog with the curator's text and images of the works installed in urban spaces.